The Ethical Leadership Portfolio

This website is a collaborative project of the summer 2009 "Ethical Leadership" class at Penn State. It is up to the course participants to decide what content this site will include, how it will look, and what purposes it will serve for our class.

Some possible elements we could add to this portfolio include: an annotated bibliography of online resources relating to the "case studies" of ethical leadership examined in class; discussions of the different forms of ethical leadership; links to examples of ethical leadership not covered in class; discussion of current events related to course topics; discussion of difficult or interesting readings; peer assistance with course work, etc. I expect that as the semester progresses, we'll figure out in more detail how we want to organize things on the wiki and how we want to divvy up the work.

Here are some general guidelines for using the wiki.

Here is a forum where we can start to discuss the structure of this project.

And here is an initial page for our first "case study" that we'll include in this portfolio: the Crow chief, Plenty Coups.

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