Group 3

Aristotle says that a virtue is a qualification between excess and deficiency. Crow courage was a great example of this because it falls directly in the middle between overconfidence and cowardice. It is one thing for a person to go out and count coup but if you lived life simply counting coup would that be a fulfilling life? On the other hand if you never counted coup to begin with then the other tribes would not view you as courageous and would move in on your territory. Also those that exuded courage and counted plenty coup were looked upon with distinction in the Crow society, being given first choice of wives and also larger portions of food and other goods. So therefore counting coup led to the happiness of not only the person counting coup but the Crow society in general; because if one person from the tribe showcased courage by counting coup in battle then the rest of the tribe would reap it's benefits by being viewed as courageous by their enemies and thus they were able to maintain their borders and their way of life. However, once the Crow are forced onto the reservation this virtue of courage does not make sense to them anymore. With the loss of enemies to fight against, no borders to protect, and no hunts in which to partake the Crow virtue of courage lost it's meaning.

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