Group 5

With their people being confined to a reservation, the virtues that made up what it meant to be a Crow were lost. They no longer knew what it meant to lead an ethical life.
After they moved to the reservation:
• Warriors - no one to fight – no more planting coup sticks and counting coups – no measurement of courage
• Chief – nowhere to lead his people – no reason to lead his people – could he even consider himself a real chief? – no real meaning to be a chief –
• The women – no longer squaws – the lack of warriors took away their duties/ purpose – no longer raising warriors – confused about new way of life/ living a life they don’t understand
• Sun Dance – no purpose – lost true dance –adopted the dance of their enemy
• Marriage – lack of battle changed the way marriage was conducted in the crow nation – no need to defend their honor
• Dreams – no longer were able to guide the chiefs in decision making

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